Moisture and Mold Inspection During New Construction

Single-family Residence, Ellensburg, Washington

During construction of a single-family residence, Fulcrum completed inspections of the wood building components for the presence of water impact and mold growth. The residence consisted of more than 15,000 square feet of finished living space. Purpose of the inspections was to provide a building free of mold growth with demonstrated third-party inspection. Inspection confirmed presence of localized mold growth on less than 5% of all wood components. Where mold growth was identified, Fulcrum-trained contractor workers completed remedial efforts removing all mold growth with antimicrobial cleaners.

Final inspection confirming completion of all remedial actions, absence of excessive moisture in building materials, and absence of mold growth was required prior to continuing any additional construction activities within the space. The process enabled Fulcrum to clearly provide record of inspection for each wall, component, and room of the residence with a documented cleaning and inspection record.

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