The Built Environment

the built environment: Four walls, a roof, and a floor; the built environment is where we spend more than 80% of our lives. Codes related to our health and safety in this environment have been in place from the earliest civilizations. Today, as emerging issues challenge our preconceptions, Fulcrum works to identify, measure, and remediate impacts to our health and welfare sourced in the built environment.

Fulcrum’s scope of services in the built environment include: hazardous building material inspections for asbestos containing materials; lead containing materials; lighting and electrical components, including mercury vapor and polychlorinated-containing fluid-filled ballasts; polychlorinated biphenyl-containing caulk; ozone depleting compounds in refrigerants; indoor air quality assessments for airborne particulates, fungal spores, volatile organic compounds, radon, etc.; and construction assessment and inspection - including moisture and mold inspections during construction, review and design assistance for new facility safety and health considerations, and safety and health inspections during construction.

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