Site Investigation and Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils

Vineyards Golf Course and Resort, Zillah, Washington

As a portion of proposed site development for a Yakima based golf course resort and housing development project, Fulcrum was retained to provide management services of potential environmental liabilities associated with the site. The purpose of Fulcrum's services was to provide sufficient characterization and documentation of environmental liabilities associated with former site operations to facilitate pre-development financial investment processes.

The proposed development included 460 acres of property formerly utilized for orchard growth. Fulcrum's scope of services included Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) investigation activities. Phase I ESA services included historic review of site operations and identification of potential sources of environmental impact. Identified environmental impact sources included: impacted site soils associated with former pesticide and herbicide application; the presence of onsite underground storage tanks (USTs) and above ground storage tanks (ASTs) utilized for petroleum products; and former chemical mixing and storage facilities.

As a portion of Phase II ESA activities, Fulcrum designed and completed a sampling and analysis plan to characterize pesticide and herbicide concentrations of the soil. Fulcrum's completed sampling and analysis plan included a statistical model to document concentrations of pesticides and herbicides below applicable federal, state, and local regulatory clean-up threshold criteria. In addition, Fulcrum completed soil characterization of UST, AST, and chemical storage and mixing areas.

During Phase III ESA activities, Fulcrum provided oversight services for clean-up of approximately 2,000 cubic yards of petroleum-contaminated soils associated with former operations at the site. Fulcrum's investigation, oversight, and remedial activities were critical for retaining the budgeted multi-million dollar financial investments needed to initiate development of the planned resort.

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