Drywell Investigation and Remediation of a Industrial Complex

Crown West Realty, Spokane Industrial Park, Spokane, Washington

Spokane Business and Industrial Park (SBIP) has approximately 460 drywells, catchment basins, and injection wells above the Rathdrum-Spokane Aquifer. Washington State environmental regulations (MTCA) were ambiguous on whether drywell sediments met regulatory definition of a "release." Consequently, sediments in 14 drywells at SBPI had been prematurely reported as "releases" to Ecology. Working closely with SBIP management, we accomplished three major goals: a) Development of an innovative and cost-effective method of investigating and remediating beyond the drywell confines, b) A management plan for remediating site drywells on both routine and emergency bases, and c) Revision to the MTCA definition of "release" at SBIP drywells as occurring at the outer boundary of wells rather than within the structure itself. Several new technologies were modified or created to accomplish specific remedial tasks including an on-site drywell sediment dewatering facility. A determination of "No Further Action" was received at all independent remedial action sites submitted for MTCA review.

Fulcrum's work with SBIP on drywell management led to numerous other environmental consulting services at the large and diverse facility. Services include: facility-wide asbestos survey and management plant, UST removal, soil sampling and remediation, hazardous materials audits. Contaminants of concern have included asbestos, light to heavy hydrocarbons, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, lead-based paint, and PCBs.

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