Third-Party Hazardous Materials Remediation Oversight

Pavement Striping Company, Portland, Oregon

Fulcrum responded to the site of a facility fire on behalf of a national insurance company. The fire had occurred within the maintenance shop of a regional pavement striping company. Damaged during the fire was the large shop, adjacent office space, and the immediately surrounding area. Millions of dollars in specialized equipment was also destroyed. Principal responsibility of Fulcrum was identification and oversight during the recovery, handling and storage of more than 1,000 gallons of new oil, used oils and vehicle fluids, fuels, paints, etc. The release of these products impacted site soils, an adjacent stream, and localized areas of wetlands. Fulcrum’s third-party inspection and evaluation enabled the large loss adjuster to have an immediate understanding of site conditions, and the extent of impact associated with product release, and the ability to manage the insurance company’s exposure to the loss.

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