Dover Mill Consent Order

The Dover Lumber Mill carried environmental baggage accumulated over seventy years of operations. The site owner provided Fulcrum with a preexisting Phase I ESA that included limited, but inadequately planned and premature, sampling. Consequently, the Idaho Division of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) had issued a Consent Order formally naming the site owner responsible for groundwater and soil cleanup. Ownership transfer on multiple portions of the property was pending timely resolution of outstanding environmental issues.

Fulcrum designed and implemented a comprehensive Phase II investigation that focused on critically illuminating the presence or absence of contamination at each point source within the site. Phase II methods included sampling by backhoe excavation, soil borings, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, and soil vapor surveys. Several areas of soil contamination cited in the consent order were justifiably eliminated from the consent order with subsurface data gained by the Phase II investigation. Fulcrum successfully negotiated groundwater contamination out of the consent order based on Phase II findings, an accomplishment of major financial significance to the site's long-term economic potential. Ultimately, Fulcrum’s Phase II findings became the foundation for successful remediation of the site meeting all conditions of the consent order. A decision of “No Further Action” has been issued for the site.

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