Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessment Process

Crescent Cleaners, Spokane, Washington

The Crescent Cleaners operated in Spokane for over seventy years. While acquisition of the land was strategically important to the prospective purchaser, potential contamination on-site was a major deterrent. Fulcrum was retained by First Presbyterian Church to provide an ESA focused on financial impact of potential contamination. Phase I ESA research reconstructed chemical usage and disposal practices typical of historical commercial cleaning operations. Phase II investigation required low clearance drilling within the building interior. With results incorporated into cleanup scenarios, projections of cleanup costs were generated and became integral to the transaction agreement. Once the transaction closed, Phase III remediation began. Asbestos and stored chemicals identified by Fulcrum’s ESA research were properly removed and disposed of prior to building demolition. Following demolition, Fulcrum worked closely with the environmental contractor guiding and documenting the remedial effort. Petroleum contaminated soil and hazardous waste were excavated and fully characterized prior to off-site disposal. Fulcrum provided quality control sampling and rapid analytical turnaround throughout cleanup. Work was completed within the remedial cost projection generated in Fulcrum’s investigation.

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207 West Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
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Yakima, WA 98901
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