Phase I ESA of a Former Homestead and Orchard

Banrac, LLC, Brewster, Washington

Most Phase I ESAs are performed on urban and suburban properties in close proximity to metropolitan areas. In contrast, this unique ESA (and subsequent ESAs for the same client) focused on remote property with a long history of agronomic development. The 20,500-acre site southwest of Brewster, Washington area was rural and remote with widely dispersed but relatively small and isolated developments. Conventional sources of information such as agency listings, Sanborn Maps, and Polk Directories were nonexistent or unproductive. Relevant information on site environmental condition derived from review of historical aerial photographs and maps, interviews with current and former inhabitants, and aerial reconnaissance of the property. The on-site survey focused on direct field observation of suspect environmental concerns discovered during review, interviews, and flyover. Identified environmental concerns included chemical and oil spills, debris dumps, drums requiring characterization and disposal, asbestos containing materials, lead-based paint, and PCB transformers. Fulcrum’s recommendations ranged from solid waste disposal to soil and groundwater sampling. The final project report was delivered in less than three weeks from initial client contact.

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