Asbestos Inspection and Management Services

Central Valley School District, Spokane, Washington

Fulcrum has assisted Central Valley School District (CVSD) for asbestos consulting services continuously since 1991. Fulcrum provided initial AHERA asbestos surveys, reinspections, and support to CVSD through EPA audits of their Management Plans (without a single citation).

During the past 8 years we have provided construction-driven environmental consulting in virtually every elementary, junior high, and high school in the District. Working closely with CVSD personnel and project architects, our scope of services has adapted to meet the diverse objectives specific to each project including abatement in student-occupied buildings, off-hours abatement, short-duration work completed in a single afternoon, and large projects spanning several months. Extensive coordination between abatement and other contractors has been necessary on large renovation projects to accommodate aggressive schedules. Penalties for late completion and incentives for early completion of abatement have been part of abatement specifications. We have trained CVSD staff to perform basic abatement operations. We have also provided continuous contractor oversight during abatement over Christmas, Spring Break, and holidays to minimize disruption. We continue to provide professional services to CVSD on an as-needed basis under a term contract arrangement.

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207 West Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201
p: 509.459.9220

406 North 2nd Street
Yakima, WA 98901
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